December 30, 2013

GT Radial Receives Best Automobile Tire Product Award at 2013 African Product Awards

GT Radial has maintained a strong leadership in tire industry in African countries for many years, receiving four major awards since 2008, which include the Best Tire of the Year award in Nigeria. This year, the Institute for Government Research & Leadership Technology at the African Product Forum Lagos 2013 presented GT Radial the Best Automobile Tire Product of The Year Award, out of hundreds of competitors.
The parameters used for this award include GT Radial’s product quality, value creation, track record, and efficiency. The institute also recognized the availability, acceptability, affordability, and durability of the brand as conforming with global quality for tires specialized for Nigerian roads. In addition, GT Radial was acknowledged for its product compliance with professional code, ethical, and international standards, which meet or exceed government regulatory laws in the African market.

“With the GT Radial brand continuing to increase traction worldwide, excellent product quality is the foundation to our successful reputation and the reason behind our awards from such renowned research and technology institutes.”, explained Adrian Thio, Senior Manager of International Marketing. “Over the years, the GT Radial Team has placed an emphasis on lean production, perfecting practices, and stringent quality management systems to ensure every aspect of production meets high standards and ultimately provides consumers with a superior product commitment.”


GT Radial’s authorized distributor in Nigeria is Viramsun Nigeria Ltd., which incorporated in 1971 and is part of the Sun Group of Companies. The group has an extensive team in Nigeria with five branches to serve retailers with technical and marketing support. The company is also rolling out an initiative to improve coverage of the GT Radial brand in Nigeria, where there are currently more than 60 GT Radial dealers. Viramsun also maintains a stock of over 45 different SKUs of GT Radial products, and sustains a timely supply to its channel partners, dealers, and retail network.

The organizer of this award, the Institute for Government Research & Leadership Technology, is a Federal Government of Nigeria registered project initiative of the African Foundation. It is an educational organization established in 2006 under the enabling laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and approved by Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Education. The Institute is a non-sectarian, not-for-profit educational institution, with the aim of providing world class training and research services for government functionaries, persons seeking elective positions, and corporate citizens.

About GT Radial
GT Radial is a high-quality, fast-growing international brand being sold through an extensive sales and marketing network in more than 100 countries worldwide. With 60 years of heritage, GT Radial Tires are supported by cutting-edge research and development capabilities, modern manufacturing facilities which consistently produce the high quality products that consumers expect.

GT Radial is committed to maintaining the highest standard of quality control and has obtained ISO/TS16949:2002 accreditation at all seven of its manufacturing plants, the international standard for quality manufacturing. In addition, all plants have obtained or are in the process of obtaining ISO14001 Environmental Management System accreditation. This commitment to quality has led GITI Tire to receive multiple quality supplier awards from companies such as General Motors and is a big reason why we have millions of satisfied customers across the world. GT Radial has its own tire testing facility based at the internationally recognized Motor Industry Research Association in the U.K, which provides product development and evaluation capacity support to the GT Radial R&D and sales network.