February 18, 2015

GT Radial Combines Tire Education & Fun with ‘New Tires, New You’ Campaign

On February 2, 2015, GT Radial launched its new global marketing campaign, ‘New Tires, New You’, which will be active until April 30, 2015. The campaign features a variety of user-friendly online features, including website content, social media promotion with prizes, and an entertaining campaign-specific cartoon video. There will also be a grand prize online sweepstakes, in which three lucky entrants will win $500 USD as well as a free set of GT Radial tires of their choice, with fitting. In addition, in-store and additional off-line promotion will support the initiative in select regions.

The ‘New Tires, New You’ campaign is designed to educate everyday drivers on the importance of regular tire changes and care, in a fun and relatable way. After tires are replaced, drivers experience a better driving experience, with less stress and the ability to focus on other areas of their lives. By emphasizing the advantages of new tires, such as fuel savings, improved safety, better performance, and stronger traction, drivers are encouraged to consider the need of tire replacement before blowouts or other issues occur.

Through this campaign, GT Radial will also provide messaging on the strengths of its tires in particular, allowing for better awareness and positive brand association. Other new global and local advertising, sponsorship, and promotion activities throughout 2015 will continue to build upon of the growth of the GT Radial brand, to create value both for retailers and consumers.

To find out more information and to enter the giveaway sweepstakes, users can visit www.gtradial.com/NewTiresNewYou and fill out a short form for eligibility to win the prizes. Additional updates and activities can be found on GT Radial’s Global Facebook page at www.facebook.com/GTRadialGlobal.

About GT Radial

GT Radial is a high-quality, fast-growing, top 10 global tire brand being sold through an extensive sales and marketing network in more than 130 countries worldwide. With more than 60 years of heritage, GT Radial tires are supported by cutting-edge research and development capabilities, modern manufacturing facilities which consistently produce the high quality products that consumers expect.

GT Radial is committed to maintaining the highest standard of quality control and has obtained ISO/TS16949:2002 accreditation at all eight of its manufacturing plants, the international standard for quality manufacturing. In addition, all plants have obtained Environmental Management System accreditation. This commitment to quality has led GT Radial to receive multiple quality supplier awards from top companies such as General Motors, and millions of satisfied customers around the world. GT Radial has R&D Centers in Germany, US, China, the UK, and Indonesia, which provide product development and evaluation capacity support to the extensive GT Radial development and sales network.