September 25, 2015

Giti Tire Successfully Hosts First Latin American Distributor Seminar in Panama City

At the recent 2013 Panama Tire Expo, Giti Tire hosted a two-day seminar for Latin American distributors who gathered for the show. This seminar was organized by the Giti Tire International Marketing & Sales team and the LAM Technical Service team, and presented to Giti Tire distributors from Central and South American countries. In total, 55 customers from Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela and eight other nations participated in the event.

The seminar focused primarily on two topics: Product Development and Marketing Activities, and included a corporative presentation, OEM supply summary, new technique & product review, and review of marketing strategy in Latin America. As a part of the new product development segment, Giti Tire exhibited a variety of newly developed tires and obtained feedback in regards to the product appearance and size range. In the marketing section, Giti Tire carried out a workshop to distributors that clarified the brand proposition for Giti Tire brands, and also consulted the brands’ image in the region.

"It was a very good experience for me to join this seminar” commented Dear, a GT Radial distributor from Venezuela. “We got the latest products and marketing information from Giti Tire, and met many distributors from other countries. They brought me lots of fresh ideas on how to sell GT Radial in my country; it is a very nice touch!”

The event successfully concluded on July 27th, and got an overwhelmingly positive response from attendees. In order to gain more detailed insights, Giti Tire has opened an online survey and is collecting feedback about the seminar. This advice will be very helpful for Giti Tire for planning for an even better and more successful seminar in 2014.