December 13, 2013

Giti Tire Presented with Quality Awards from GM and Fiat

Torsten Gehrmann, General Manager of Giti Tire Anhui, accepts GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award.
Giti Tire has maintained a cooperative relationship with GM throughout the years and has received a total of 8 awards since 2005, of which, several were the Best Supplier Award. Starting in 2012, GM established a new Supplier Quality Excellence Award and Giti Tire stood out among thousands of suppliers to win the award two years in a row.

As one of the most important suppliers for GM, Giti Tire currently supplies to more than 10 factories worldwide with collaborations in China, Uzbekistan, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and other countries.


As Fiat’s strategic partner, Giti Tire was presented with the Fiat Chrysler Perfect Quality Award recognizing quality products and technical services. Giti Tire’s focus on high quality products and services won Fiat’s trust, and within five years of cooperation Giti Tire became a supplier for Fiat Europe’s three factories.

Giti Tire official said, "Excellent product quality is the foundation to our successful reputation and the reason behind our awards from renowned automobile manufacturers.”

Over the years, the team at Giti Tire has persisted in lean production, perfecting practices, and stringent quality management systems to ensure every aspect of production meets high standards to ultimately provide consumers with a superior product commitment.