November 19, 2013

Giti Tire extends GT Radial mixed service range with new all position tyre

Giti Tire has extended the GT Radial mixed service offering with the launch of the GAM831, a new non-directional, all-position tyre specially developed for on and off road applications.

Available in 295/80R22.5, 315/80R22.5 and 13R22.5, the tyre has been developed with an extremely robust tread pattern, casing construction and extra reinforced sidewall to offer maximum performance, even wear and good mileage in the most arduous terrain conditions.

Three extra deep wide longitudinal grooves provide stability and control in wet or muddy conditions, the tyre is M&S marked indicating excellent all-season traction, while self cleaning properties prevent stone drilling.

The GAM831 joins the GT01, GT676, GT686 and GT876 in the company’s mixed service portfolio.

Peter Foulkes, Marketing Director Europe - Commercial Tires at Giti Tire, manufacturer of GT Radial, said: “The GAM831 is an important development and one that clearly demonstrates the advanced research and development capabilities that form the basis of our European tyre portfolio.

“Add to the technical advancements the strong casing construction of the tyre which makes it perfect for retreading, and we have a great value proposition for mixed service operators who are looking to the mid-market for price and performance.”