June 29, 2015

Giti Tire Conducts Tire Check Education Campaign in Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lanka – On the 19th and 20th of June, 2015, Giti Tire as the manufacturer of GT Radial, conducted a “Tire Check Campaign” to educate public on proper tire care and maintenance. This was an important move to help educate motorists on the importance of regular tire care and maintenance.

As the only part of a car in contact with the road surface, tires are one of the most important components of a safe and efficient vehicle. Regular tire checks are critical for safe driving, especially before and after long drives. To encourage drivers to check their tires frequently, Giti Tire provided this complete tire check service.

Douglas and Sons (Pvt) Ltd (DSL), the distributor of GT Radial tires in Sri Lanka, hosted this event to educate the general public about tire maintenance. The event was held on the 19th and 20th of June at car parks at the Racecourse International Rugby Grounds and the Arcade Independence Square, respectively.


Vehicles parked in the above premises were given free checkups to ensure they are in proper condition. Furthermore, special discount vouchers to purchase tires were distributed on the spot. Staffs of DSL were on hand to educate drivers on how to maintain their tires and to check on tire pressure, age, tread depth, and visual external damage. This campaign was warmly welcomed by motorists. Each participant was provided with a personalized tire care consultation, along with guidance on how to choose tires suitable for their vehicle.

As one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers, Giti Tire is not only devoted to creating trusted tire products for consumers, but also actively focus on road safety. This campaign is part of Giti Tire’s efforts to increase awareness about road safety. For more information on tire maintenance and road safety, please visit www.gtradial.com.