September 16, 2015

Giti 4×4 Mud-Terrain Tire in Grassroots Success

Giti Tire has focused largely on the SUV/crossover market in 2015 with size extensions and product launches across three brands to be joined by a new GT Radial tire later in September. At the same time, the existing Adventuro M/T has helped one of the brand’s UK dealers to enjoy some grassroots motorsport success, demonstrating its mud terrain capabilities.

Economy Spares & Tires used the tire to race in the Yorkshire Off Road Club Rally in Burnley, securing first place using a modified two-tonne, 1986 Land Rover 90, and four 235/85/R16 tires at 18psi.

Owner Carl Horner said: “I have used the tires for various trials over the last few months, with varying terrain ranging from deep clay mud to hard packed dry mud, and they have proved to be excellent. I’m also delighted to say that the tires are working very well on-road too, I used a set on my Land Rover Defender with a 3.5t trailer and covered over 400 miles to Dumfries and back, plus over the weekend we had to pull across loose gravel and farm fields.”

Brian McDermott, managing director – UK for Giti Tire, commented on the direction the Giti Tire’s brands have taken this year in the 4×4 segment: “Giti regards the 4×4/SUV sector as an important segment of the market, not only for growth potential, but for future technical developments. You only have to look at the vehicle manufacturers’ current and future product pipeline to see the growing trends in SUVs, and more recently CUVs.

Giti Tire has subsequently developed its product portfolio accordingly with the introduction of new GT Radial SUV sizes for UHP sector.