December 20, 2013

First GT Radial Performance Centre Launched in Singapore with Lian Kiat Alloy Tyre & Battery Centre

Globaltraco International Pte Ltd, the official distribution agent for GT Radial tyres in Singapore; Malaysia; Thailand; Vietnam; Brunei; Myanmar; Cambodia; Pakistan and Laos, has just launched its first GT Radial Performance Centre outlet in Singapore with Lian Kiat Alloy Tyre & Battery Centre.

GT Radial Performance Centre(GTPC) is a retail program deployed in key markets in international markets for GT Radial. The purpose of creating a Performance Centre is to ensure continuous engagement with consumers, and providing the highest standard of service and quality to consumers. Today, with the engagement of consumers done through various channels such as websites, social media and events, GT Radial seeks to continue provide consumers with the information and knowledge needed to make the right purchase and choice of tyres for their needs.

GTPC was started in 2011 and they have deployment in UK, Brazil, Chile, Honduras, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore today. At the same time, GT Radial also has retail partners in many countries around the world.