December 03, 2014

Ambrogio Trasporti, European Intermodal Freight Transport Leader, Chooses GT Radial Following Successful Tests

Ambrogio Trasporti Spa is an Italian firm with five tightly integrated companies in Europe, all active in intermodal transport. The firm provides transport and technical infrastructure support to ensure efficient management of the intermodal network in block trains between several European countries.
With more than 900 trailers operating in seven logistical sites throughout Europe, attention to tires requires a significant commitment. Selecting products able to improve performance and reduce operating costs is the main mission of Mr. Botello Awes, responsible the company's entire fleet. As Technical Director for Ambrogio Trasporti, he decided to launch a product testing with GT Radial tires.

60 tires of 385/65R22,5 size, pattern GT978+, were mounted in close cooperation with Enzo Bianchin, TBR Manager of Italy for the GT Radial brand.

The type of application required tires with excellent performance for transport to and from rail terminals. Following testing, the results were better than expected, with mileage in line with premium segment brands, but with a final cost per kilometre in favour of the GT Radial tires.

"Following the success obtained in the tests, the integration into our fleet will be gradual, but I plan to increase the amount of semi- trailers with GT Radial tires", said Awes.

The cooperation with GT Radial is also supported by the company's presence throughout Europe, including its 24-hours breakdown service. Bianchin is also excited about the integration for GT Radial brand in its continued growing presence in Italy, stating: “This test represents the beginning of a project that GT Radial aims to develop in Italy, in collaboration and synergy with dealers to support and spread the knowledge and potential of the product from the end-user side, and in particular the fleet”.